Home and Garden for YOU

Your home is your space. It should be all about you and your family.

A place where you Home and Gardenfeel comfortable and look forward to coming home to everyday.

You should design your home and garden space as an extension of you and your family. Your likes, loves, memories, culture, and personality.

Your home shows part of who you are. It isn’t like an office or a store where someone else  decides the design. No… it is totally yours. Home and Garden Geek is here to help you make it so with helpful ideas and tips, beauty and quality.

  • Do you love your home?
  • Is it organized the way you like it?
  • Your home decor?
  • Do your love the design of your home?
  • Do you love the furniture, decorations, appliances, etc. that are in your home right now?
  • Do you love your patio or deck and patio furniture on it?

If not, then let’s get to work on making you fall in love with your home.

At HomeandGardenGeek.com you will find great recommendations for things to adorn your home and make it your special place.

What is Home and Garden Geek.com all about?

It was dreamed up and began because I love to research products and help others be successful in their choices. I read tons of reviews and dig deep for comparisons and truths. I review many products firsthand so that I am able to give true life experiences. Some friends tell me that I’m kind of obsessive about it {snicker}, but I believe we all deserve a fair shake and that we (you and I) should get the best deal for our dollars.

Here’s a little of my story:

We bought a house built in the 1920’s and it’s in need of some serious remodeling, updating, modernizing, etc. I’ve been forced into research mode quite a few times furiously trying to find the information I need. Sometimes I have good luck finding great information and then there have been those times when I couldn’t find much out there.

Like I said, I think we should all be privy to the information at our fingertips that will help us to make the wisest and most efficient choices for our budgets while helping us to make our homes into our dream homes.

So, I had this idea of sharing my research skills, my thoughts, and my experiences on personal purchases. I know we here at HomeandGardenGeek.com can help you make better, more educated decisions about the home and garden products you are looking for.

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