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Welcome to Home and Garden Geek Blog!

The Home and Garden Geek Blog is a place to build a community of folks who love discussing anything and everything about home and garden things. Don’t worry…this is a very informal place. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit. I sincerely hope you come back frequently to see what’s new and share your tips […]

Top 3 Electric Fireplaces Comparison

We have reviewed the Top 3 Electric Fireplace Heaters so far. They are all really great quality heaters but have some features that are different. Sometimes it is difficult to see those differences unless you can see them side by side. Some of the differences are, of course, obvious but some are not quite as […]

Dimplex Fireplace Insert Review

The is so easy to install you can have it up and running in no time at all. Designed perfectly to retrofit into your existing gas or wood fireplace and then simply plug into a 110v standard household outlet, the Dimplex DF12309 is sure to quickly begin bringing you many hours of pleasure. Fireside pleasures […]

Dimplex Compact Electric Heater – Stay Warm for a Great Price

The  combines the best of many worlds to bring you warmth, beauty, and savings. The charming design brings a little bit of old school, a lot of warmth and flaming beauty, and immense savings from higher fuel costs. You’ll also keep your family safe from live fire, smoke, and messy ashes. What’s more romantic on […]